U—2 family
Perfectly balanced design

U—2 Family

Redefining simplicity in search
for the right emotion

Golden brass top

The timeless character of the golden brass top perfectly corresponds with the bright ceramic bottom. Brass is the kind of metal that definitely stands out — it can complement a wide range of interiors and be presented along other classic materials. It brings the unique sense of warmth to the product.

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Satin ivory ceramic bottom

This simple ceramic form covered with a unique satin ivory gloss combines seemingly irreconcilable modern and classical design. Each individual piece has been carefully manufactured to provide the best possible quality that perfectly responds to the need for eternity.

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EternalClosure™ system

EternalClosure™ is our innovative system that allows you to close the urn for eternity. Thanks to this unique solution our urns are fully hermetic and easy to close. For eternity.

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EternalClosure™ system

About EternalClosure™ system

EternalClosure™ is our innovative system that allows you to close the urn for eternity.

After a long process of research devoted to understand the practical aspects of cremation and conditions in which urns are placed, we designed advanced latch closing system that lets you close the urn by yourself forever..

The unique combination of humanistic research and technical skills let us introduce this new functionality to our products. Micro-latch elements in connection with extremely precise geometry of the metal cover provide new, unique quality. Thanks to the EternalClosure™ solution our urns are hermetic and easy to close. For eternity.


Ivory white with the gold accent

Ivory bottom with golden brass top

Designed to confront the need to underline individuality with the search for complete balance.

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U—2 Family

Technical specifications

Available in three sizes




Materials & technology

Top Golden brass with engraving option error_outline

About Engraving

Please note that the engraving service is for now unavailable.

Bottom Glazed ceramics
Closure EternalClosure™ system error_outline

Type of material


Material’s properties

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc metal that ages naturally. In order to increase chemical resistance before shipping, we cover the cover with a wax-based substance. Brass naturally changes its colour with time.


If you want to be sure that the metal will be well aged, store the urn in a dry place. Do not expose it to adverse chemical factors. Protect the product against sudden temperature changes.


Wipe with a dry paper towel. Do not use deeply penetrating chemistry because it can leave permanent marks.

If you decide that the metal cover is not clean enough, you can take the urn to a professional facility dealing in the preservation of brass objects.

Restrictions in use

Protect the metal against moisture. Brass changes its colour after contact with water. Contact with any greasy substances (including the touch of a hand) can leave a permanent mark on the surface.

Deep scratches may damage the protective galvanic coating and irreversibly damage the product. Scratches do not affect the safety of the ashes stored inside the urn.

Practical information

Placement options Home, burial, columbarium niche
What’s included Urn, safe packaging, product guide