Erdensen. We understand.

Erdensen was founded in 2018 with the mission to design
an urn that will meet the needs of contemporary world.

Understanding people is at the center of our interests. That is why our ambition was to design functional, minimalistic product that would perfectly reflect the sensitive spirit of the final stage of life.

Following the idea of making good design accessible to the largest possible audience we have decided to sell urns online (found a first online oriented brand with urns). We designed our services to make life easier at time when people need it the most.

We believe in empathy and honesty.

We are the new generation of designers. Our mission is to change the way people talk, think about and even experience death on both individual and social level.

Death is a very intimate and sensitive subject that deserves to be treated with proper dignity and handled with high emotional empathy.

The idea behind Erdensen made us look for different ways to open the discussion about death.

As Last Studio we created LAST.paper, a subsidiary project to help you find a place for reflections about life and death in your everyday experience. You’re more than welcome to join our community.

Work with us

We are looking to work with modern funeral houses and design stores.

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